Our Vision

We envision to become a global leader in the IT solutions industry by engaging the right People, Process, and Technology for the empowerment of cybersecurity.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering quality technology solutions and services to our clients. Driven by a workforce that is highly competent, we are committed to providing excellent work and effective solutions that will contribute to the success of our clients.

We are dedicated to providing highly reliable software applications, efficient IT infrastructure, network and data security products tailored for today's businesses.

Why Choose Us?

NGT have conducted several vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for local and foreign entities.

NGT provides end-to-end services up to remediation guidance in fixing the vulnerabilities found during the activity.

Our History

Next Generation Technologies Global Inc. (NGT) was established in year 2012 founded by security practitioners whose vision luster to bring betterment in our cyber security. The company started with humble beginnings which has been fostered with perseverance and excellence leading to where it stands today— as one of the highly accredited IT solutions in the Philippines.

NGT was developed with different circles of devised expertise from hospitality, ISP, IT infrastructure, managed services and security solutions. They were able to nurture and maintain these circles and have greatly empowered its offers. Now, innovates its core businesses to security, web application, cloud services, technical education and financial services.

The pioneers greatly measured the need for security awareness and empowerment in tailoring challenges of the future. Their great vision to embrace the solutions to success and to aid for the vital need of the society on data protection.

NGT has helped numerous companies to understand and address IT security and privacy issues. From a small seed of ideology to now; a company sowing recognition through the support of its dedicated pool of experienced security architects, IT administrators and compliance officers. It continuously guarantees quality services and sustains precision in its crafts.


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